Saturday, 19 May 2012

Toronto - Ajisen Ramen

I went on a serious eating binge this week, and one of the places I tried was Ajisen Ramen (the location on Warden and Steeles). My boyfriend and I were killing time before watching a movie, and so we asked around for good spots and ended up there. Unfortunately, we were in such a rush that I barely had time to even think about what I was eating. So we went again tonight.

When we went on Monday, the place was busy, but not packed. I want to say that tonight it was ridiculously packed, but to be fair, it is (or was) Friday night on a long weekend. Last time, I ordered the beef ramen, and my boyfriend had the steak ramen. His dish looked and smelled delicious, so I ordered the same thing this time. Keep in mind that I have never actually had authentic ramen before, and now that I think of it, I believe the closest thing I've tasted would be the instant noodles version. So take this review lightly. Go easy on me.

Though the presentation was really intriguing, I think I much preferred the beef over the steak; the steak was a little too tough for my liking. It arrived separate from the soup on a searing hot skillet, and I must admit, I did burn myself a bit. The juices were just oozing out of the meat, and the way it sizzled brought much attention to our table. I really enjoyed the broth, and I loved that it came with bits of corn. I've read a few reviews online prior to writing this one, and although a few people have mentioned that the broth was ultra-salty, I didn't find it overwhelmingly so. I do kind of expect all soups and broths to be somewhat salty, though, so I guess that might just be me. In terms of prices, I think that their selections are fairly priced. For around $14 (each) with tip, we were given fast service and full stomachs. Definitely returning.

Ajisen Ramen
(905) 470-6318
7010 Warden Ave
Markham, ON
L3R 0L9

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