Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Calgary - Olive Chicken

 Hey do you think it means they use olive oil or does is it mean "I love" Chicken HAAA!!!!!

One. Korean in Calgary
Welcome to my new segment, Korean in Calgary, where I will eat Korean food and tell you about it. Hopefully I will finish this series, unlike my west coast tour segment, which has been on the back burner for nearly a year.

I found this little gem hidden in the Korean square district, located at "the belt-line" of Calgary. It's quite the secret because I didn't even know that there was a Korean square in Calgary, and embarrassingly enough I've lived in Calgary all my life. This area has Korean everything: grocery store, bakery, hair salon, karaoke, and the most authentic restaurant, Dae Jang Geum - Korean Village (future post coming). And now I refer to the area as Little Korea, unless there's another cluster of Koreans in Calgary that have hidden themselves.

The chicken here is amazing, both flavours. That is all you really need to know about it, but I will provide an explanation for those of you with trust issues. Not only is the chicken extraordinarily crispy, it isn't oily. There has to be a secret Korean method for frying chicken because there is literally no oil when you pick up these bad boys. If you've ever gotten KFC you've been screwed before. You know that feeling you get when you open your box and you look down to grab the drumstick, and it's the size of a couple of french fries stuck together? And you sit there like a jackass eating a child's sized drumstick? WELL, that won't happen here; the pieces of chicken are normal sized.

There are three flavours, but essentially it's two flavours. There's regular chicken, hot and sweet, and EXTREME hot and sweet. The original flavour lets you taste the crispy goodness, and if you love fried chicken, this is the one for you. The hot and sweet one can get quite messy but its worth the clean up. The sauce is on the complex side, if you're experienced with Korean food you'll know what I mean - it doesn't seem that spicy till you're half way through because the sweetness is what you taste first. If you like the sauce, you can buy a huge container for $1.00.

Large Half and Half, blackberry camera :3

For $6.99+tax, you get Combo #1 which has 3 pieces of chicken, fries, and a water/can of pop. The fries are comparable to the chicken; they are crispy and delicious. They are those thick mealy fries too, none of those fake thin fries. I usually get this combo. It's a very good deal, and I'm Chinese - that's how good of a deal it is.  Or you can opt to eat till you hate yourself like me and get the large Half & Half order. I can't remember the number of pieces you get, but I believe it was 8 pieces of regular and 5 hot and sweet. To ensure you are eating healthy, they throw in a dish of daikon with large orders, so you can get your veggies too.


Olive Chicken
(403) 457-4649
1324 10 Ave SW
Calgary, AB

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