Monday, 26 December 2011

Toronto - Panagio's

A while back, one of my friends discovered this place and suggested that we try it out. I was amazed. If you're familiar with the restaurant chain, Cora's, this place is pretty similar to it, yet it isn't overpriced. There aren't as many things on their menu, which is probably better because it takes me forever to make up my mind when I have so many choices.

Sunday, 25 December 2011


I take SO many pictures of food on my iPhone that I think I'm going to start doing this new thing where I post a compilation of random food pictures I took in the last week. I think it'll be pretty interesting to see what I've eaten all week, haha. I'm just going to start off with whatever pictures I have on my phone now, since I just bought this phone a little over a week ago.

Toronto - Yang's Kitchen

My friends and I went to Yang's Kitchen last Sunday since we were all craving sushi so badly. I still have yet to find a good sushi restaurant in Toronto that's comparable to the ones in Vancouver, or even in Calgary. Anyway, we went around lunchtime and it was all-you-can-eat. It's a good thing they have a lot of tables, because we were able to get seated right away.

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Toronto - Green Grove

I've been craving bubble tea for about a week now, and last night I finally went with a friend to Green Grove at Pacific Mall. She always talks about how delicious the taro bubble tea is, but every time I've gone to this place, I've only ordered the hot version of it (I get sick a lot.) So, this time, I thought I'd try the taro milkshake with tapioca, and I was pretty impressed.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Toronto - So Into Cupcakes.

I'm going to try and sound as unbiased as possible when I write about this place, because I work here. We officially opened last Monday, December 5, 2011, and our grand opening was the weekend of December 10-11, 2011.

4 things I can have forever and never get sick of.

Here's a random list I came up with out of boredom:

Toronto - Messini

Messini! I've been to this place three times now. My new favourite Greek restaurant. The first time I went to Messini, my friends and I waited about 20 minutes to get seated; the second time, 30; the third, 15. Every time we go, it's PACKED! Like, lineup-is-out-the-door-packed. But, it is most definitely worth it.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Calgary - UNA

UNA, UNA, UNA!!! My all-time FAVOURITE! Located on uptown 17th ave in Calgary, AB, this pizzeria is guaranteed to get you addicted. I miss UNA so much! Since moving to Toronto, I haven't been able to chow down on their delicious pizzas, and it really is quite depressing. Everyone always asks me what's so great about this place, and it's the ambiance, the atmosphere, the people, the food, everything! I always talk about UNA, and when a friend mentions they'd never actually been there, I make sure I try and bring them to the restaurant.

I'm Still Alive!

Hi, everyone. I apologize for the lack of blogging on my end in the last few weeks. I recently moved to Toronto, and I've been kind of busy getting things sorted out with my new place, school, and basically just re-adjusting to my surroundings. What have I been eating? A whole lot of JUNK.

Toronto - Burger's Priest

When I was in New York in May, my friends who brought me to Shake Shack kept saying that there's an even BETTER burger joint in Toronto. After having a bite of the Shack Stack burger, I said there was no way any burger could top what I just ate. Then, I moved to Toronto and I decided I had to try the competing burger.

Minimal West Coast Tour - Vancouver & Seattle

Part 1
Over a week in the summer of '11 I took a little trip over to the west coast for some seafood, r&r, and the Asian antics of Richmond, BC.  The trip spanned five and a half days, two of which consisted of mostly driving, with only one day in Seattle and the rest in sunny Vancouver. These are the delectable treats I enjoyed over the week. (pic heavy)

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Vancouver - Ursu - Korean BBQ Tacos

Tacos out of a truck? YUP. You can eat tacos at anytime of the day, especially these ones. We were wandering downtown Vancouver in search of the city center train station and fortunately we got lost and ran into this little gem. 

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

New York - The Halal Guys

The Halal Guys. Open from 8PM-4AM. Perfect for a late night bite, right? They actually have 2 stands; one on either side of the intersection.

New York - Shake Shack

SHAKE. FRIGGIN. SHACK! Guys, I can't even explain how much I love this place. I've only been to New York twice, but both times I've gone, I couldn't leave without having a burger from here.


Konichiwa, hungry readers! Ready for a series of foodgasms? Yeah, I know you are.

I'm not sure why I started with "aloha" and "konichiwa", because neither of us are Hawaiian or Japanese. Although, I am Filipino, and my friend is Chinese (or something), so I guess we could pass for either Hawaiian or Japanese... Anyway, that's not really.. relevant. Basically, we love to eat. All we ever talk about is food. So, we decided to share our love for good eats with the rest of the world by blogging about it. Trust me, we'll eat anything. You might see a post on a fancy restaurant one day, and then a real dirty, but oh-so-good burger joint the next. I mean, really, it's all the same in your tummy, isn't it?