Friday, 30 March 2012

Toronto - SinoPino

Okay, I think it's finally time to do a review on SinoPino considering I eat there at least once a week.

First of all, this isn't a fancy restaurant or anything - it's more like a Chinese/Filipino take-out with the option of sitting down to eat kind of place. The prices? Unbelievable. $5 gets you a whole take-out container of rice hidden under a mass of whatever meat you choose (we usually get the fried chicken). Of course, there are other things on the menu, but we almost always get the same things: fried chicken on rice, 6pcs of tofu ($2.50), and beef brisket noodle soup ($4.50). I can't believe I've even memorized the prices - that's how often we're there.

I've grown a sort of affinity to this place; partly because we eat there often, partly because of the food portion to price ratio, and partly because the owner is just really nice. Whenever we can't decide what to do or what to eat, SinoPino is usually our go-to plan. Look, you can't go to SinoPino expecting to be treated like royalty, or to have your mind blown by their food; it's just Chinese food.
Just. Food. 
Good, simple food. And I like it.

SinoPino Chinese Restaurant
4820 Sheppard Ave E
Toronto, ON

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  1. I recently went to the Sinopino restaurant at Kennedy to eat with my family. One of my family members ordered noodles, and as she ate, she found a FLY in her food. That is disgusting. That also tells us that those people cooking there do not care about who eats there. I spoke with other people about eating there, and one of them also said that there were insects in their food. When I complained, none of them even gave a simple sorry. I recommend to never eat here for they don't care about health of their customers.