Thursday, 15 September 2011

Calgary - UNA

UNA, UNA, UNA!!! My all-time FAVOURITE! Located on uptown 17th ave in Calgary, AB, this pizzeria is guaranteed to get you addicted. I miss UNA so much! Since moving to Toronto, I haven't been able to chow down on their delicious pizzas, and it really is quite depressing. Everyone always asks me what's so great about this place, and it's the ambiance, the atmosphere, the people, the food, everything! I always talk about UNA, and when a friend mentions they'd never actually been there, I make sure I try and bring them to the restaurant.

I'm Still Alive!

Hi, everyone. I apologize for the lack of blogging on my end in the last few weeks. I recently moved to Toronto, and I've been kind of busy getting things sorted out with my new place, school, and basically just re-adjusting to my surroundings. What have I been eating? A whole lot of JUNK.

Toronto - Burger's Priest

When I was in New York in May, my friends who brought me to Shake Shack kept saying that there's an even BETTER burger joint in Toronto. After having a bite of the Shack Stack burger, I said there was no way any burger could top what I just ate. Then, I moved to Toronto and I decided I had to try the competing burger.

Minimal West Coast Tour - Vancouver & Seattle

Part 1
Over a week in the summer of '11 I took a little trip over to the west coast for some seafood, r&r, and the Asian antics of Richmond, BC.  The trip spanned five and a half days, two of which consisted of mostly driving, with only one day in Seattle and the rest in sunny Vancouver. These are the delectable treats I enjoyed over the week. (pic heavy)

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Vancouver - Ursu - Korean BBQ Tacos

Tacos out of a truck? YUP. You can eat tacos at anytime of the day, especially these ones. We were wandering downtown Vancouver in search of the city center train station and fortunately we got lost and ran into this little gem.