Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Calgary - Overeasy Breakfast (OEB)

I used to go on and on about how amazing Cora's was, until several people told me that I was silly for being so crazy about Cora's because there are better options - specifically, OEB on Edmonton Trail. I would constantly see my friends' photos from OEB on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and I knew I had to make a trip there during my stay in Calgary.

When we got to the restaurant, there was a line-up out the door, and in the 5 minutes it took us to find a decent parking spot, the line-up was pretty much gone and we were seated within 2 minutes. The restaurant itself is tiny, but they utilized the space well, in my opinion. There were booths on either side of the restaurant, and a very long, bar-like table in the middle which is perfect for people who don't really care about where they sit. Also, the table in the middle had hooks for purses, so putting your purse on the floor isn't an option - yay! Oh, AND the waitress hung our coats! Very impressive service, that's for sure.

Enough about the decor and service, this is a food blog! You want to read about the food! I was seriously torn between the O.M.G. (belgium waffle, toasted hazelnut chocolate, bruleéd bananas), the Crunchy French Toast (cereal crusted, orange and cinnamon spiced, Madagascar double vanilla bean ice cream), and the Soul n' a Bowl (two poached eggs, herb potatoes, real Quebec cheese curds, slow cooked bacon lardons & brown butter hollandaise.) I ended up going with the O.M.G. since I feel like waffles are usually a safe choice for me, and I'm very glad I went with it. It was DELICIOUS! I mean, c'mon, a waffle, Nutella, and bruleéd bananas!!! I wish I lived in Calgary, so I could go back to this place and try the other items on the menu. It's honestly that good. I think the bruleéd bananas really made it special and unique; you can get waffles with Nutella anywhere, right? But what other place tops it off with bruleéd bananas? My mouth is watering just thinking about it. (How many times did I say bruleéd bananas? LOL)

I think my friend and I got lucky, because I'm pretty sure there's usually a line-up. Is it worth it, though? Absolutely.

OEB Breakfast Co.
824 Edmonton Trl NE
Calgary, AB
T23 3J6


My friend's poached eggs. Can't remember the name, I think it was The Canadian?

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  1. I like this place, a little costly, but a great treat once in awhile! :)