Monday, 26 March 2012

Toronto - Ten-Ichi Japanese Cuisine

After weeks of bugging my boyfriend and complaining about his strict diet (that doesn't include sushi), he finally took me and his cousin to an all-you-can-eat sushi place. We went to Ten-Ichi on Sheppard because I didn't want to drive all the way to Markham for AYCE sushi - and also because Ten-Ichi offered AYCE sushi at lunch for $13.95, which saves time, money, and gas.

We got to the restaurant at around 12PM, and were seated right away. At this time, the restaurant was pretty empty, but it somehow got packed within the next 10 minutes. We penciled in a few items for our first order, and after 5 minutes of waiting for someone to pick up the sheet, we ended up flagging down a server and giving it to him. Got our first order of steak in about 10 minutes. Waited a few more minutes, and got the sashimi. Another 10-15 minutes passed, and we penciled in more items thinking that they had just forgotten our order, giving them the benefit of the doubt since the restaurant was so busy. A waiter finally told us that our orders got mixed up, and we should just order again (for a third time). I tried to be patient as the guys were clearly losing theirs, and hoped that they would get our order right this time. In the 40 minute time period after being seated, we were given maybe 2-3 items from each of the sheets we filled in. I think the owner (at least, I think he was the owner, he seemed important) must have seen the look on the guys' faces because he personally handed one of the plates to us and asked if we were doing okay (which, by the way, was the first time in the ~50 minutes we were there someone asked how we were doing), and that our food should arrive shortly.

Don't you just hate it when you've lost your patience, and are ready to type up a terrible review about a restaurant, and then the owner comes and saves the day? I do. I literally had a draft typed up on my iPhone about how terrible the service was, when the service somehow went from -10 to about an 8. At that point, we received ALL of the items we ordered - even the ones from an hour before! The food just wouldn't stop coming, and if we weren't so sure they had forgotten our orders, we probably wouldn't have ordered so much.

Overall, if you're willing to wait almost an hour for your food to arrive, then go for it. The food itself actually wasn't bad, it was really good. I saw on their menu that they had tiramisu, and I almost died of excitement when I gave the waiter my order for 3 tiramisus (all for me), until he told us that the tiramisu was only available for dinner. The mango yogurt we got as an alternative was delicious, though, so that kind of balanced out the lack of tiramisu. I'm a little apprehensive about going back, but I think I need to give the place another try before deciding whether or not I'll be frequenting the restaurant.

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Ten-Ichi Japanese Cuisine
(416) 297-5787
4810 Sheppard Ave E
Toronto, ON

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