Thursday, 1 September 2011

Vancouver - Ursu - Korean BBQ Tacos

Tacos out of a truck? YUP. You can eat tacos at anytime of the day, especially these ones. We were wandering downtown Vancouver in search of the city center train station and fortunately we got lost and ran into this little gem. 

My stomach was full of dim sum, but that didn't matter, I've been coveting Korean tacos ever since I learned of their existence. My enthusiasm was greeted by no lines in site and having no other plans to eat out of a truck this trip, I jumped at this opportunity. The prices looked very fair and the food smelled tasty. I have to say I'm very glad I ate these tacos on a full stomach, they were worth every bite. It was like eating delicious Korean food without having to order rice, none of that filler food. The beef was grilled with onions, served on a bed of cabbage, some cheese, and topped with kimchi to give it a tasty kick. 

richards & georgia, vancouver, bc

beef taco

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