Thursday, 15 September 2011

Minimal West Coast Tour - Vancouver & Seattle

Part 1
Over a week in the summer of '11 I took a little trip over to the west coast for some seafood, r&r, and the Asian antics of Richmond, BC.  The trip spanned five and a half days, two of which consisted of mostly driving, with only one day in Seattle and the rest in sunny Vancouver. These are the delectable treats I enjoyed over the week. (pic heavy)

Japadog, Vancouver, BC
The last time I visited Japadog was back in the summer of '09, when there was one cart on the corner of Burrard and Smithe. Now three years later, there's two new stands and a storefront! I learned that each individual Japadog store has special dogs and treats, so of course my mission was to visit all of them. Spoiler alert, I didn't get to visit all four shops and ya I'm a sad panda. ='(

530 Robson street

First stop, Japadog storefront on Robson. The spicy something dog featured on the top left below is one of the specials. They also have ice cream on a frozen bun, they call it the "age ice", available in four flavours. Unfortunately they were sold out when I got there around 1ish, I guess these things sell fast on hot days > :( . A long with those two, this store has FRIES!, they got some weird ass flavours, but they taste amazing. My friends got the soy sauce flavoured ones and they tasted amazing.

Top left: spicy something Top right: Terimayo
Bot left: The Tonkatsu Bot right: Oroshi Dog
Did I eat all these? ...

Back to the good ol' original on Burrard and Smithe. Glad to see that they still have their visiting celebrity board, discovering both SELENA GOMEZ & ZAC EFRON's sigs. They also upgraded their cart, its much larger than I remember. 

Bigger cart
Arriving practically after dim sum, I could only down one dog. I had to choose wisely so I selected the very unique, NEGI MISO. The Negi Miso is very deeeerishious, Its a pork dog on a bed of buttery cabbage, some sauuses and green onion mixture. I want more of these things in my belly.

down the hatch

I dream the same dream as the owner of Japadog, "Japadog all over the world" Heres to that, Mr. Tamura. I want a dog closer to home to eat in CALGARY please

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