Thursday, 1 March 2012

Calgary - Food Trucks!

My partner, Nelson (nello the yellow fellow), is taking way too long writing these blog posts, and I might have to fire him from the blog (half joking). So, instead of waiting for him to finally put some content up on the blog, I'm just going to go ahead and do it for him. While I was in Calgary last week, I went to a food truck event with Nelson and our friend, Austin. It was one of the attractions at some home and garden show at the BMO Centre, and while those kinds of shows usually interest me, I really only went for the food trucks.

There was supposed to be 5 trucks in total, but a sign informed us that one of the trucks' owners/drivers/cashiers (?) wasn't feeling well and couldn't make it to the event, which narrowed down our selection to 4: The Noodle Bus, PerogyBoyz, Mighty Skillet, and Pimentos.

I knew right away that I wanted perogies from PerogyBoyz, so I ordered the Big Boris (10 perogies and 2 sausages - $16). To be honest, I was kind of hoping Nelson would be the one writing this review, so I didn't really make an effort to remember what flavour I ordered, but I think I got the Sauerkraut perogies (potato, onion, sauerkraut), and the Tijuana Baba sausages. Also on the menu is.. absolutely everything on the menu for $70. I think that would have been an awesome deal had there been more of us to split. The Sauerkraut perogies were DELICIOUS, though. I believe Nelson got the Mexicali (ground beef, chili aioli, tomato tartar, green onion, cheddar), and he said it was like eating tacos, but in the form of perogies. I'm looking at their online menu right now, and I'm really starting to regret not getting the $70 deal, even though I would never have been able to finish that much food, I wish I got to try more flavours.

I have to admit, I'm not exactly a perogy connoisseur; I don't mind paying $5 for frozen, store-bought perogies. I was in it more for the experience. I don't think Toronto has any food trucks, and after watching a million episodes of Eat St. on the Food Network, seeing Calgary's food trucks made me want to experience it even more! Yes, these perogies were a little very much on the pricey side, but to be fair, I believe you're paying for more than just the perogies. While the food truck scene in Calgary isn't as popular or as common as it is in places like New York (or in most American cities), people have to keep in mind that the overall experience is a huge factor. I think the most exciting thing about these trucks is trying to track one down to begin with! So, keep an open mind when ordering from a food truck for the first time, and just enjoy it!

Mmmm, food trucks, one of the very few things I would go back to Calgary for.

Perogy Boyz
austin and the mighty skillet

i suck at taking discreet pictures

the noodle bus

my sauerkraut & tijuana baba sausages

i seriously don't even remember what austin got

mexicali & kielbasa

totally irrelevant, but i saw these cute penguins at the home&garden show

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  1. The snacks are excellent. I haven't had anything else. Plenty of cilantro, and delicious especially the bbq chicken. I could use a little more fat in the food. Difficult to get enough chicken fat.

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