Sunday, 18 March 2012

Toronto - Goody's Diner

As if my burger addiction wasn't bad enough, my friend Louie invited me to Goody's Diner last week for lunch. Despite not knowing anything about this joint other than that it was only open on weekdays (although their restaurant hours sign stated otherwise), I was super excited to go. When we got there, it was around 4PM, and the place was empty. That didn't stop my excitement. I knew that around that time, most people would either have gone back to work, or were on their way home from work. So, I prepared myself for a delicious (and quiet, yay!) meal. I didn't see it at first - I was focused on the menu handed to me - but when my friend pointed out the "burger wall", my jaw dropped.

My sky-high burger dreams that I so often fantasize about from watching those crazy food network shows have finally come true. I wish I got a better picture, but this blog wasn't exactly my top priority at the moment. I was more concerned about which burger to devour. Naturally, my eyes were drawn to the "Macho Nacho", which was basically a plate of nachos enclosed in a burger bun. Then, one of the waitresses pointed out "The Highwayman". I seriously could not decide, so she suggested that my friend and I each get a different burger to split. Best idea ever.

Between the "Macho Nacho"and "The Highwayman", I personally preferred the nacho-filled dream burger, because it combined two of a few of my favourite go-to restaurant foods: nachos and burgers. Fortunately, my friend preferred "The Highwayman", so at least both of us satisfied our cravings. The burgers themselves were juicy, and done perfectly. Also, they came with a side of your choice of sweet potato fries, regular fries, or a ceasar salad. I'm supposed to be on a diet, so I should have gone with the salad. However, I'd pretty much already broken my diet by ordering a burger, so I ordered the sweet potato fries. Another good decision. I've always been a fan of yummy yam fries, and while they seem impossible to mess up, some places just don't know how to make them right. The good news is that Goody's Diner didn't disappoint me.

Okay, I'm going to be honest, I didn't finish my 2 burger halves. I'm less than 5' tall, and that burger was at least a foot long (exaggerating, obviously). I finished the "Macho Nacho" without hesitation, but by the time I got to "The Highwayman", I was basically forcing the food down. Not saying that it wasn't good, because it was delicious, but my stomach seriously couldn't handle anymore food. I had another quick glance at the menu, and as much as I would love (or hate) to stick to my diet, I really want to go back for their breakfast.

The only downside to this restaurant would be their location. It's not really someplace you'd pass by and want to check out. You actually have to plan to come here. Trust me, though, make the trip - it's 100% worth it.

the Macho Nacho

The Highwayman

om nom nom!
Goody's Diner
(647) 348-9338
17-133 Manville Rd
Toronto, ON

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