Friday, 2 March 2012

Calgary - Design District Urban Tavern

Their cups are seriously jars.

Around these parts, food is usually on the expensive side. This is why I love going to pubs and bars. Not only are the prices kept low, the best foods in the world are served at pubs - BURGERS! The reason I love burgers so much is because it is very hard to screw up a burger; you can literally put anything on a burger, and burgers can be dressed up very nicely (bacon).

The District is not your typical restaurant for many reasons. The top reasons I noticed just by walking through the door are: you seat yourself, the menus are on the walls, and THE CUPS ARE JARS. I would like to commend District on their sustainable choices in their operation. They use locally grown organic produce, naturally raised animals, they make all their sauces, and to top it off there is an on-site brewery!

Now they have many burgers - probably all delicious - but I opted for a pulled pork sandwich instead. The menu description was too tempting, "house smoked pork, chipolte cranberry bbq sauce, tripple cream brie". The pork? Melt in my mouth goodness. The sauce? It was different, but it went along well in this sandwich. Did they misspell triple? Maybe, but the brie was creamy as hell and was enjoyable. And it was all for $13.45

My friend let me sample her bucket of bacon, at $8 I thought it was a bit on the pricey side. But it's a bucket of bacon. The bacon is made in house and is served with a side of maple syrup for dipping.

TL;DR - The District is very tasty and kinda cheap, I would recommend them, because I had a good dinner.

District Pulled Pork

Bucket ol' Bacon

(403) 233-2433

607 11 Ave SW Map.805efbb
Calgary, AB
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